Feeding your dog

Keeping your little friend happy and healthy

Portion control feeding

Portion control involves deciding the correct quantity of XP3020 to feed your dog, and providing that amount of food to your dog each day. You can feed either in the morning or night, it does not really matter to your dog, but which ever you decide make sure that you are regular in this feeding regime.

For example, if you are late home on a regular basis, but always up in the morning at the same time, then a morning feed may be suitable. If on the other hand you leave home at different times in the morning, it may be best to feed at the same time each night.

Make sure you always leave plenty of fresh clean drinking water for your dog at all times.

Portion Control is best suited to dogs that have a tendancy to over eat, and generally suits most dogs, and should always be used for a multi dog household. This way you can monitor the dogs while they eat, and make sure each dog is receiving the amount of food it requires. Check your dogs weight and condition on a regular basis (at least weekly) to ensure it is receiving the correct amount of food, and adjust the food as necessary. This is particularly important at change of seasons when their energy requirement can alter.

Overweight dog?

If you have an overweight dog which you are getting back to the correct weight, portion control feeding is recommended. Also, if you can, divide the set amount of XP3020 into two portions and feed one part in the morning and the other part at night, this will help your dog to lose weight more quickly. This is because the digestive process requires energy, so it is better the dog goes through this process twice a day rather than once.


If you like to give your dogs treats, that is fine as long as it is done in a sensible way. A good way to do this is to weigh out the XP3020 that you have decided to feed, and take a small amount of the food and place it in the “treat bowl”, and this can be used throught the day to reward you dog, without over feeding.

Free feeding

Free feeding is generally only suitable for a single dog household. You simply leave XP3020 in a feeder where your dog can access it whenever it is hungry. Make sure there is always plenty of fesh clean water available.

With free feeding it is very important to monitor your dogs weight weekly to ensure it is not over eating. Most dogs that free feed tend to be a little heavier than those that are portion controlled, but as long as your dog is in good condition that is ok.

Free Feeding is NOT recommended for overweight dogs. See portion control feeding for dogs with weight problems.

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