Single protein,
highest quality

Chicken and brown rice formula
with natural fruit, berries, and vegetables

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XP3020TM Xtra Premium Dog Food


XP3020TM Xtra Premium Dog Food


XP3020TM Xtra Premium Dog Food




The single food that does it all!

100% Australian made & owned

XP3020 is Australian Made and Owned — an extra Super Premium Food, specially formulated to not only meet globally recognised AAFCO standardsDog foods labeled as 'complete and balanced' must meet standards established by the Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO) either by meeting a nutrient profile or by passing a feeding trial., but clearly exceeds them.

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High quality ingredients

With chicken, brown rice and high quality chicken fat, your dog will receive the very best in nutrition. XP3020 takes an holistic approach to nutrition with the inclusion of Fruit, Vegetables, and Berries to ensure your dog receives everything it needs. With Glucosamine and Chondroitin for protection, you know you are feeding them the best.

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Single Protein

As a Single Protein food, XP3020 may be used as part of or a complete exclusion diet. It is suitable for puppies and dogs with allergies.

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Unique formulation. No split ingredients

The unique formulation of XP3020 means it is suitable for all life stages – all you have to do is feed the correct quantity of food to suit your dog. At XP3020, we believe in complete transparency and don’t employ dubious industry tricks such as ingredient splittingIngredient splitting is the deceptive practice of subdividing a more abundant — yet inferior quality — ingredient into smaller portions..

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